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Giant insects!

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Vani's uncle Richard (my uncle-in-law) got a new camera recently and has apparently been putting it to good use taking some AMAZING bug photos.

(photo from Richard on Flickr)


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After adding Leon Brocard I now have exactly 200 "connections" in my LinkedIn profile.

I haven't only added people I really "know-know", but after using it for a little while I decided to only add people I at least knew well enough to want to help or give an honest reference if asked. Surprisingly I still ended up with 200 contacts, what do you know...

Now if I only could figure out to keep in touch with them -- or with the "real life" people I know that I ought to stay in touch with better!

On Tuesday (March 20th) I am doing a talk on "Real World Web Scalability" for the Los Angeles Perl Mongers. The talk isn't specific to Perl at all, so if you are in the area and work with web technologies it's likely it'd be worth a couple of hours of your time. I've been doing variations on this talk for a few years and if I may say so myself it's getting pretty good.

I am giving a tutorial next month with Jay Pipes (oops, I got his name swapped with another Jay in an earlier edition of this post - sorry Jay!) at the MySQL Conference with similar content but where I have 90 minutes for it rather than the usual 45-55. I'm excited about that because it means I'll have time to a) slow down a little bit, b) add more content and c) take questions at the end! Well, maybe not all three, but at least one or two...

Anyway, those are the only two times it's scheduled this year, so come if you can!

Ghetto Gourmet

Whee. That was fun!

Richard Kim (Richard, where's your website?!) told us about The Ghetto Gourmet earlier this week and since we've barely been out of the house for months we jumped right on it.

Just got back, oh boy - that was great! Fun food, awesome people, amazing performances (including our Mr. Kim of course, but he doesn't get a link because there's nowhere it can go) all in a really really cool space. (I hate the term "space" for a place, but in the case of tonights Ghetto Gourmet dinner it really is appropriate).

We're planning to go again next week. Until then we'll be glued in front of our monitors typing away...

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