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Personal Security

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A few days ago I talked about Apache Security. An exploit for FreeBSD was widely released today. Right now it's hard for me to care at all though.

cries for helpAn hour ago I was on my way to go to sleep when I hear something that sounds like an argument half a block down back in the alley (or down where there's a blind street ending). Sure this is Los Angeles, but my neighborhood is really nice and quiet.

But here I am with a bunch of loud talking and then honking. There's a female voice and at least one other person; it was hard to hear. I can't figure out if it's bad or not; it's a bit too far away to really decipher. Suck. Should I call 911?

Maybe a minute or two goes by and the "noise pattern" changes a bit; the most important part is that the woman is now yelling something along the lines of "don't fucking hit me; {various non human sounds} arrrgg. You hit me, you hit me, don't hit me, {crying}". Or something like that. Main thing was that I had no doubts that it was no longer just loud talking.

So, obviously that's really uncool. Finally I pick up my phone and dial 911. After about a billion rings (time is moving really slowly by now) they pick up.

Apache Security

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Really bad week for internet security. This is one of the most obsure and hard to follow security bugs I've seen. The core httpd guys at the ASF are really great though, so having followed their explanations even I have an idea what it was about by now. :-)

Following the process there were a bunch of things that would have been nice if had been different; but it's tricky when you have time pressure, a fucked up company trying to get some PR and for starters just a really bad situation. Still upgrading servers here. In the new perl.org setup it took just about no time thanks to RedHat Network and a few scripts to build and sync our custom apache installations.

update at 5.30am: Blah, not that easy. One thing took another and now the night is gone.


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tennis ball reboundIn other news then I started playing tennis this week. It's quite a bit of fun; and really good for my shoulders and upper body. It's much more of a skill sport than I had thought; but thinking about it maybe football (the real kind) is too, but I just don't notice as much because I've played it before and I never played tennis before.

Viridiana's first comment after realizing that I liked it: "Oh, this is so cool! Then we can play doubles and enter tournaments!" Sure we can, except that I'm happy when I just get it across the net within reasonable distance of the court and she is really good.

"It's a free country!"

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... sure it is! The other day I wrote about Viridiana's graduation at UCLA. In Ohio they had the misfortune to get George W. Bush as their commencement speaker (they had voted for Tom Hanks, but he declined).

"[...] Graduating students were told that they would be expelled and arrested
if they turned their backs. they were alerted that dozens of staff memebers and police officers would be watching the stands, as well as the Secret Service. A few students asked for the definition of expulsion....did it mean removal from the stadium or refusal of their diplomas, or both? One of the persons at the front said "Both." "

Read more at turn your back on bush.


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Yay, Viridiana graduated today from UCLA (or Friday really). She now has paper on being really really good at mathematics. How cool is that? :-) Parents and the boyfriend are all really proud.

We went to Girasole (just like last Saturday!) with family and a few friends and to everyone's big disappointment they were out of the raspberry Penna Cotta when we got to the desert. Everything was great though; both food and company.

Danish Dynamite

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fifa denmark france zidana divesokay, so not quite Dynamite but we did beat France out of the world cup. Bye bye frog eaters. :-)

I don't have a tv, but I was at Viridiana's place in the evening and I stayed to watch the match. Oh, so cool. I haven't watch real football for far too long (or that american fake football thing for that matter). Way too exciting with France's many many chances in the beginning and in the end. The Danish midfield was not giving them too much room, but they were still in possession of the ball for what felt like all the time. When they got through and had a shot, our goalie was too cool for them and got it every time. Bwah bwah bwah. :-D

Happy Birthday!

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yay, it was my birthday today! I am now a quarter of a century old. I had an awesome weekend. It was Christoper's birthday Thursday, so Kevin, Chris, Zobeida (his wife), Viridiana and I went to dinner at Girasole. We go there way too little; the food was great and the price very reasonable. Afterwards we went to hang out at Chris & Zee's place (where Kevin also lives). Lots of fun except that we didn't finish our Monopoly game until 6 in the morning, yikes! Who would have thought ...

Sunday I got woken up a few times between 7 when I went to sleep and 11 when I had to go up, so we could picnic and play volleyball at Zuma Beach. Lots and lots of fun too. Nary and Yiuwing as well as Robert Spier came along to eat and play. Viridiana and I have pretty much just been hanging out not doing much since we got home... Sssssllleeeepppyy... Too little sleep, lots of sun and playing. :-D We used her camera and I forgot to copy the pictures over, so no illustration for this entry.

Supersnail fun photos

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