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This sounds like it's going to be really cool.

AppleInsider has an article about 10.4 Server features. One of the new features is an "iChat Server" so you can run your own private and secure iChat server. The best part? It's based on the open source Jabber Server.

The iChat server works with both the iChat client in Mac OS X Tiger and most other popular open source clients available for Windows, Linux and even PDAs.

Apple's press release.

Metamark stats

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Metamark is getting a lot more daily traffic than Snipurl now. Woah. Still fewer new short urls a day though.

I'd really like to get the code cleaned up a tiny bit more and moved to one of our public subversion repositories. If you'd like to use the Metamark code for something, let me know.

I entirely forgot to tell that the server trouble got sorted out ...

One of the drives in the RAID 5 was failing and the 3ware controller didn't handle it terribly well. It didn't lose any data, so it did fulfill it's primary purpose, but it'd be nice if it didn't make the box crash. Sigh. The support from Penguin Computing was great, hurray for them!

The data center is a couple floors underground so the cell phones don't work there, making calling people rather inconvenient. I bought a cheap Grandstream IP phone and made an account with VoicePulse Connect so in the future we have a phone next to the computers for such emergencies. Unless of course it's network / IP emergencies. :-)

perl.org server trouble

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eek, earlier this morning the box we use for NFS and most databases at perl.org decided to crash with a billion IO errors. The disks seem fine, so I think it was just a kernel or driver snafu. Maybe it's related to this problem that's giving is very poor performance with the 3ware RAID controller.

In any case, it made many of our services come to a grinding halt for a couple of hours. Everything should be up and running again. Everything that's monitored by nagios is up again anyway. :-) Email me if you see something that is not. Must get console server soon.

update: argh, it did it again. Off to the data center once more. (And of course I don't have my car today -- great timing!).

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