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eek, earlier this morning the box we use for NFS and most databases at decided to crash with a billion IO errors. The disks seem fine, so I think it was just a kernel or driver snafu. Maybe it's related to this problem that's giving is very poor performance with the 3ware RAID controller.

In any case, it made many of our services come to a grinding halt for a couple of hours. Everything should be up and running again. Everything that's monitored by nagios is up again anyway. :-) Email me if you see something that is not. Must get console server soon.

update: argh, it did it again. Off to the data center once more. (And of course I don't have my car today -- great timing!).

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Bummer, dude. I haven't seen our data center yet, so next time you need a ride there give me a holler!

BTW, are you happy with 'source tracker'? How do they compare to say, Harvest?

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