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MySQL crash (bang bang)

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Apart from corrupted data files and variations on that I don't remember being able to (repeatedly) having been able to crash MySQL for years. But today I could. Darn, I was looking forward to changing my production MyISAM tables using spatial keys to InnoDB. Not today I guess. :-)

update So that bug hasn't been fixed yet, but the busy bees at MySQL did fix another bug I submitted a while ago. Whee.

We are now accepting applications for the exciting position of volunteer list-owner / mailing list support at Your job will be to patiently help users unsubscribe, ensure them they won't be unsubscribed when ezmlm tells them their mail host bounced the list mails, direct them to the right posting address when they erroneously email dbi-users-owner instead of dbi-users and other such tasks.

I've done it (or not done it as it has been the last year, see the graph of open and new tickets) since '99 and I promise you it's fun work!

sad list-owner graph

Okay, maybe it's not so fun - but we really need your help. Vani has helped occasionally, but we haven't kept up the last year very well.

I built a new little spiffy HTTP tool (fancy JSON and AJAX stuff) to interface the subscriber lists (and do manual unsubscribes) so we can now have people help without needing more logins on the list server.

If we get a couple of volunteers then it'll only take a little bit of time every day or two - at least after the backlog has been cleared.

Please help! Email A patient nature, a commitment to stick with it for at least 5-6 months, reasonable written English skills and an honest reputation when we search the web, our list archives and usenet for your name and email address is needed. Volunteers from all timezones are encouraged.

update I got as many people offering to help as we can use for now; thank you thank you! Keep an eye on the Perl NOC Log for more things we need help with in the not too far future!

Job: Javascript shark

I'm looking for a Javascript shark to help build a small application for a big company. Contract, telecommute, reasonable pay etc. Email your resume and some code examples to ( if you serve your AJAX breakfast with an extra serving of JSON on the side and is ready to start immediately (or Real Soon).

If you are in Los Angeles it's an advantage, but as long as you have a phone, internet access and an IM client we'll be okay. :-)

update - thanks everyone who wrote! I haven't decided on anyone yet, but I will over the next few days (So if you thought you'd write but haven't yet, do it soon!)

Perl news

Yesterday we announced the Perl Foundation Weblog. Please go and check it out.

Mark Jason Dominus announced the new book he is writing on, Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags. It is material from his popular talk of the same name. I'm sure it'll be a welcome addition next to Perl Best Practices in many places.

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