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Internet Veterans for Truth

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Internet veterans for truth -- please share!

A ton of movie clips from Fahrenheit 9/11, Going Upriver, Uncovered and more!

Watch the server stats explode ...

update: we weren't quite ready to be launched with the announcement "leaked", so the servers were yo-yo'ing for a little bit at first. It should be better now.

Andy is saying there's 500Mbit bandwidth. I heard that it's closer to twice that. wooh. :-) Will be fun to see how much is going to be used.

eninem - Mosh

Salon.com says:

With his history of homophobia and his long-running beef with MoveOn supporter Moby, Eminem is an even less likely lefty hero than Howard Stern. But the just-released video for his new anti-Bush song "Mosh," makes "Fahrenheit 9/11" look like a GOP campaign spot, and it will almost certainly reach an audience that wouldn't think of shelling out for a documentary.

Watch it or download it with BitTorrent -- the GNN server seems a bit overloaded is completely swamped, so the torrent will probably work best. Download a BitTorrent client.

Or download it from internet veterans for truth.

Or Buy the album from Amazon...

(via David Weinberger)

The Pollsters for Icarus


Pollsters for Icarus

blogs against bushThe electoral vote (mirror2, mirror3, mirror5) is wavering back and forth, but given the incumbent rule (in elections with an incumbent, about 2/3 of the "undecided" goes for the challenger) it doesn't look so bad.

Joshua Marshall of talking points memo is posting a new horrendous story or two every day about completely insane behavior from the republicans (shredding democratic voter registrations and other dirty karl rove tricks like that).



No, Robert and I are not hosting CPAN Search. The box seems to be down, so someone probably needs to go and boot it. No, we don't know when it'll be back. Yes, hopefully it'll be soon. (I don't think they have a console server).

_update:_ yes, the site is running again. And Graham is working on getting mirrors setup.

Epson Technical Support


Epson are only listing their "fully automated technical support" phone number on their web site as far as I can tell. They do have a number with real humans, helpful too. It's 562 276 1300.

The server hosting the perl.org subversion and CVS repositories, request tracker and our spam and virus filters took "a break" with a billion SCSI errors a few hours ago. It should be completely up again soon.

Hurrah again for the console server. Had it not been for that and the fancy power strips I'd be in the datacenter downtown cursing at the server instead of home cursing at it.

Ironically it's one of our older (lots of our hardware is old, but this one is Really Old) boxes and we have been working slowly on moving stuff off it... Time to speed that up.

Technical Mailing lists

What I mean by that is, look at us, read our style in replying. We
like to be slick and sharp, and sometimes email is a form of
word-based chess playing made with quotes and (smart) elisions.

Stefano Mazzocchi on mailing lists threads.

The context was a discussion of an article about women in open source, Women in Software: Open Source, Cold Shoulder (free registration required, ie get a password at bugmenot).

Electoral Vote Button

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Current Electoral Votes:

Add this button to your own site with the following HTML snippet:

<a href="http://www.electoral-vote.com/"><img
width="80" height="15" border="0"></a>

It's updated daily with the electoral vote site. askask.com is my "short domain" for this site. :-)

Michigan votes Kerry

My note yesterday about Michael Moore working on the vote in Michigan was more relevant than I had hoped.

According to Electoral Vote Michigan changed in the last state poll from being a tie to a 52%-42% lead for Kerry. That puts him back in the overall lead, yay.

Salon has an article wondering if Bush was wired during the first debate.

Vani and I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. Like the movie, some of the extras on the DVD were amazing (in that "it'd be much funnier if he was the president of some country far away we have never heard of" way).

A lot of news paper websites are asking for demographic information like your birth year, gender and zip code. Of course they can't know if you lie or not. But they try. For example if you enter an invalid zip code it'll ask for another one. Or if you say you were born in 1812 it'll ask you to try again. Big mistake!

In a case like this where you can't verify the answer anyway, you are deceiving yourself if you require a "valid input". You would get better data if you just realize that people who try entering 1812 aren't going to tell the truth anyway so you shouldn't trust their second attempt at lying either.

You will get a higher quality of your data if you just accept the obviously invalid data and ignore it instead of asking again and get plausible but probably false data.

As a sidenote, the article I went to read:

County prosecutors in Michigan reject request to charge Michael Moore

The harshest reaction came from the two Republican prosecutors, Antrim County's Charles Koop and Isabella County's Larry Burdick. Worthy and Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III are Democrats.

"Alleging that a person is attempting to buy votes is a serious allegation, and one that is taken seriously by this office. However, your request to prosecute Mr. Moore trivializes the intent of this section of the election code," Koop said Thursday in a letter to Greg McNeilly, executive director of the state Republican Party.

But don't bother entering 1812 as your birth year if you click on the link to read the full article. :-)

ps. (yes, I realize they likely don't use the data for anything useful anyway so the whole exercise is entirely pointless)

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