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Spam up, news at 11


Lots of people have told anecdotes lately that "there is more spam". Indeed there is! My modest spam trap (I haven't done much to get it junk) got about a million spams the last ~month. Geez. (I found out because the server ran out of space - oops).

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Lucky you, you can Buy our Squeezebox!

Apologies for the lack of updates to my thousands of daily readers (according to awstats; I've no idea if that's accurate). More stuff will come soon...

By the way - OS X software update got itself unstuck around when the new Aperture update came out, so that was handy - and as a bonus the .Mac sync stuff stopped being an idiot for now. Yay. (I'm still not going to renew if I can find good replacements the iDisk and for syncing the addressbook (etc).

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