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On Tuesday (March 20th) I am doing a talk on "Real World Web Scalability" for the Los Angeles Perl Mongers. The talk isn't specific to Perl at all, so if you are in the area and work with web technologies it's likely it'd be worth a couple of hours of your time. I've been doing variations on this talk for a few years and if I may say so myself it's getting pretty good.

I am giving a tutorial next month with Jay Pipes (oops, I got his name swapped with another Jay in an earlier edition of this post - sorry Jay!) at the MySQL Conference with similar content but where I have 90 minutes for it rather than the usual 45-55. I'm excited about that because it means I'll have time to a) slow down a little bit, b) add more content and c) take questions at the end! Well, maybe not all three, but at least one or two...

Anyway, those are the only two times it's scheduled this year, so come if you can!


Idea...http://wiki.perl.org should exist.

---What WIKI backend to use? Twiki?
---Does this already exist?


Hi Fred,

Twiki is really not suited for a public wiki.

We can do hosting at noc.perl.org, but we're paranoid about what software to run. We had previously a trusted taker for setting up and maintaining a wiki system, but that fell through.

There are a couple of general-ish Perl wikis, but not yet at perl.org ...

- ask

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