OS X 10.4.1 and GPGMail

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Upgrading OS X to 10.4.1 makes Mail.app disable all plug-ins. (Like GPGMail).

It can easily be enabled again though (phew), see the GPGMail page for instructions.

Hopefully 10.4.1 will stop the random crashes. According to the release notes they fixed among other things "With this update, Safari no longer unexpectedly quits when Control-clicking (or right-clicking with a multi-button mouse) some kinds of PDFs or graphics within a Safari window."

Over at perl.org we've setup another CPAN Search mirror. If you are in Europe you should be using the new mirror (don't worry, it's all automagic). Read more in the NOC Log.

1 Comment

Hi, I gather ur the owner of http://xrl.us . A person using ur service stole my yahoo accounts and online banking details at http://xrl.us/abuse-response . Please can u close his account down and pleas be advised he is doing it on a mass scale in yahoo chat rooms. So please watchout for new signups that are yahoo orientated. Thanks

[ I've disabled that URL - ask ]

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