OS X and identity notes


Make X11 forwarding work again in Tiger. I only use it to run the vmware-console so I thought something in RHEL had broken it. Doh. (via Jim)

Turn off caps-lock in Tiger. Awesome. I remapped my caps lock to the control key. (Before 10.4 you could use uControl for this, but it was a bit of a pain to keep upgraded).

OpenID - properly distributed identity system. I'm going to make the new identity/single sign on server I'm making support this in the next few days. (It's going to be a replacement for http://auth.perl.org/).

Microsoft and Sun are working together on identity (think passport and liberty alliance). Tim Bray has some links.

Oh, and Walmart are shutting down their DVD rental service and handing over the customers to Netflix. Darn; we'll get Wal-mart ads on the netflix site now? :-(

My sister-in-law is having a baby today (like Right Now), so I'm logging off ...


hmm-- that Tim Bray seems to indicate that they're working together on some pie-in-the-sky WS-Blah spec, not the Liberty Alliance stuff.

I'd bet on OpenID ;) good to hear auth.perl.org will be using it!

Thanks for bringing OpenId to my notice. ( Meanwhile the link is broken, it's http://www.openid.net/ )

My brother's birthday is May 19....congratulations!

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