Comment spammers inventing their own templating language


Just got this spam. Even comment spammers go down the path of inventing their own templating language. Silly buggers.

syn(Cool|Nice|Rulezz) syn(blog,|portal| site ! I) hope to make syn(my own|own weblog|my diary), not worse than yours ;)

Also interesting to see how immature the comment spam "industry is" in the The Register interview Interview with a comment spammer.

More on comment spam soon...


I got one of those this morning, too, was wondering what the heck it was.

Yeah, I got one of those as well. It's almost as bad as when I get spam telling me I have a $%RAND5 rebate waiting for me.

I know they just aren't even trying anymore.

I got an interesting bit of *email* spam the other day. They tried to avoid spam rules by doing the following: They wrote text the same way you would draw out a picture using ascii art (but forming letters instead of images). Then, they decreased the font size (html, not plain text) to a very small font size so that it looked like plain text (and not ascii art). I can see how this can avoid some spam rules that try to filter based on identification of words. However, Spamassassin found it.

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