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$80 for free two day shipping for a year?

I tried counting how many orders I made with Amazon last year to see if it'd make sense. Most of the time I'm happy to get things with free shipping a week later, but if it averages out to just a couple of dollars per order (and ~$0.75 per item)? Hmn.

They should do something to get the marketplace vendors to use the program too...

Note - I am not Amazon Customer Service -- To contact amazon go to their site!


I had attempted to buy a digital camera last week to find that I was out of the geographical area. Then I find my credit card to have been charged for £41.35 for Amazon Prime time for a shipping service I will not avail any use from. Surely my monies will be refunded?? I am disgusted with amazon for allowing this to happen

Hi Malachy,

They say pretty plainly on the signup pages that it's only available in the United States.

That being said, you can cancel it here if you haven't made any eligible purchases.

- ask

Please Remove the membership of the prime club. I did not wish to pay 79 dollars for the membership. I have ordered a number of books I presume that I got a discount...I will not pray $79 for you club, but if you feel that got some advantages by this. I will let it go for this month, but PLEASE REMOVE MY NAME FROM THIS FEE, i WILL NOT PAY NEXT MONTH AND REALLY DO NOT WISH TO PAY THIS MONTH EITHER. i WILL CALL YOU ABOUT THIS ALSO.

Same thing happened without any notification. Amazon has deducted $79.00 without proper intimation/notice. I had to refer to my banker for the internet transaction. This I found unprofessional and it happened for the 1st time in 15 years.

Total BS! I was charged for $79 for Amazon Prime without my consent! is going to get ther butts sued and lots of angry people if they keep this little "scheme" up.

While placing an order for items with Amazon, I must have been enrolled in the Amazon Prime Club without a notice of a membership charge. Please explain how this could happen. As a loyal customer for years, I am amazed that this could happen.

I don't understand how it would be possible to withdraw $79 from my account without even asking my confirmation. I am a guest here for about 3 months and I intend to leave US soon. Do you accept overseas delivery without any payment also?
Please answer me soon and give me back the money.
That's not fair at all.

Is there any way to get the refund of 79$ back from Amazon? As a starting point, I have cancelled my membership for amazon prime.

I tried unsubscribing the Amazon prime offer and they promised to credit the $79 back to my account. This holds good only if you have not used the offer (free shipping of items) after you were subscribed to it.


I became a member of the prime club without notice. I want to know why and how this happen please resond ASAP before i take leagel matters

I placed an order through Amazon last month. My credit card also got charged without any notice for 79$ for this Amazon club. became a member of the prime club without notice. This is a very very awful. How amazon let this happen to their customer? I want to know why and how this happen please resond ASAP before I take leagel matters.I demand a full refund or I WILL TAKE LEGAL CHARGES against AMAZON.As a starting point, I have cancelled my membership for amazon prime.


This is going to hurt Amazon. I admitidly did not read the fine print. I normally fly through transactions with them because I trust them (#1 in customer satisfaction). Now I'm not so sure and my loyalty will waver, cause this felt sneaky. I better get my $79 back.

yes you can get a refund call amazon! The whole deal is when you choose the free shipping option you are signing up for the prime club which after 3 months they charge 79 dollars. Call your credit card company and they will direct you to amazon. Once you call complain like heck!

I am very angry when Amazon automatically deduct $79 without any information. I tried 1 month free shipping, and now they charged me $79. I don't believe in Amazon any more. I want to get my $79 back! gruzzz

How do I get my $79 refunded from Amazon. I am flabbergasted that I am charged by this reputable company without explicit explanation. I thought by my frequent purchase of books, I was getting a reward of no shipping charges! Naieve on my part!

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