Glowing review of GarageBand


David Pogue reviews GarageBand, "Recording Studio in a Box":

It won't be long before the GarageBand creations of no-name singers and players start popping up on Web sites - indeed, it won't be long before Web sites start popping up just to accommodate them - bypassing the talent scouts and gatekeepers of the American recording industry. GarageBand and the Internet give tomorrow's stars their own democratic recording and distribution channels.

That prospect of new artists growing from grass roots is probably what inspired Apple to name the software GarageBand, abandoning its lowercase i naming tradition. But when you consider both the fledgling state of the 1.0 version of this program and the immense musical and commercial forces it could one day unleash, you might conclude that there is, after all, an i-name that might have suited this remarkable software: iPotential.

And John Gruber uses GarageBand to explain why Apple gets so much attention:

PC pundits pound their heads against the wall, asking why, if Apple only sells a small percentage of computers, the company receives such a disproportionate amount of media attention. The answer is simply that they're selling the best computers, to the most interesting people. Maybe it is only two percent of the total PC market, but it's the most interesting two percent.


Gee - ain't that funny - we appear almost synchronously on Planet Apache with a post about Garageband. :-)

As I read this, Moby's Play just started playing on the iPod. With all of the hew and cry about sampling, Moby figured out how to make something truly interesting with broad appeal by sampling ancient, public domain recordings of Delta Blues from the early 20th Century.

Apple's onto something. I don't think it'll be just about creating a website for Joe Average to get his groove on and share MP3s produced in GarageBand. Within a couple of years, I think we'll have a breakthrough major label CD come out of nowhere thanks to GarageBand.

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