Last Sunday afternoon Vani and I got hit in an intersection on a small street by some kids speeding home with their Dominos pizza (does the youth have no taste anymore?!)

DSC_5103-small.jpgTheir Toyota got its entire front smacked away and their airbags deployed. My Jetta got a serious hit on the side, just in front of the left front wheel. It got hit so hard that the whole front twisted enough to make the right front door unable to open and some plastic below the gear stick got bend enough to show a small crack. (And lots of broken stuff in between). The body shop estimated the repairs to $8000-9000. Yikes!! Fortunately the insurance will pay for that and much more importantly nobody got seriously hurt. When I think of it I still get this scary feeling of hearing a Very Loud bang and then quickly being dislocated to the right. I took some pictures of the car before it got towed off to the body shop the day after; I'll post them later. In the photo the wheels are turned ~40 degrees to the right which makes the impact not look quite so dramatic (for better or worse).

Yesterday which is running, and numerous other web sites crashed too. I didn't find out until this afternoon and I've since spent the whole @#$%$#'ing evening in the data center working on it. One of the disks appear to be imploding. Argh, knock on wood. It's mostly running again and a backup have been made to one of the newer servers so I can go home again soon.


goddamn teenagers - they shouldn't be allowed to drive. mindless twits!

Puhha! Det var da godt at du ikke kom til skade. Jeg kan ogsaa stadigvaek hoere smaeldet fra da jeg blev paakoert bagfra. Det lyder virkeligt hoejt, selv om der er tale om smaa hastigheder.
Godt at din "skyddsangel" ("beskyttelsesengel" ??) var med dig!
Pas paa dig selv!
Knus fra din mor!

I've tried getting hit from the back once. It crippled me so much that I look scared in rear mirror each time I stop at an intersection. I loved to drive my car before, but now it's like only 75% of the joy (and the accident happened 10 6 years ago).

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