Best OS X (OpenVPN) VPN client

viscosity.pngAt both Solfo and over at we have the non-public network services (basically everything that’s not http, smtp or https) suitably locked down in a private network. At Solfo we have an OpenVPN server for logging into the private network. It’s great that it’s open source, works over both TCP and UDP (for respectively goofy firewall setups and faster, more reliable connections) and best of all, there’s great OS X GUI for OpenVPN: Viscosity VPN.

Traveling and needing to get on our network and being on various goofy corporate and hotel networks (and wanting to watch Netflix outside the US reminded me how excellent it is.

We’ve used Viscosity VPN since it was in beta and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s as reliable as can be, the support is excellent, it looks good and while it’s not free it’s super cheap, licenses start at $9 each. We bought more than twice as many licenses as we needed just because I felt bad not paying more!

Now if only the iPhone supported OpenVPN, too, so we could put more services on the private network without having to setup another VPN service…

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