domain back - suspended "by mistake"


They unsuspended now (~11:30PST). Apparently it was a mistake (no kidding). This is what they wrote:

Firstly, I would like to inform you that the domain name has been unsuspended.

We had received phishing complaints on several hundred domain names belonging to a particular network. Since we need to act on these complaints immediately, the domain name was accidentally suspended as well. We have now verified that this site does not contain any phishing material and have thus unsuspended the domain name.

I understand the consequences faced by you and you clients/people using the site due to this suspension. I sincerely apologize for this on behalf of ResellerClub. Be assured that this was a one-off case and we have made sure such a thing is not repeated.

Apologies once again.

This is even worse than if they had been overzealous with an abuse complaint actually on Excuse me while I go look for my jaw on the floor.


Particularly annoying is that their "this is a one-off case" reads exactly like an semi-automated template used to respond to large numbers of similar issues.

I'm sure our abuse team must have informed you by now that the suspension was on account of -

There were several reports that we received of phishes targeting the bank, this link being one. Regrettably, this site wasn't verified by the individual who suspended it - ideally in such a case, this would have been pointed out to the registrant with a request for clarification before action was taken.

Again, our apologies for this lapse. Rest assured this was only an aberration, and will not repeat.

Even so, the form of the suspension notice makes me cringe. I'd like to think my registrar wouldn't just suspend my domains without giving me a chance to fix the situation (I use DreamHost), because they've performed extremely competently in the past. In any case, I have avoided some specific registrars for exactly that reason, that some domains had been suspended without sufficient due process for my comfort.


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