Slides from "Real World Web: Performance & Scalability, MySQL Edition"


mysql_audience.jpgThe slides from my tutorial yesterday are up at 189 slides this year! A handful of people have told me today (and more yesterday obviously) that they learned a lot and got new ideas for how to build things - yay!

I’m considering putting up a version of the slides with sound. Would anyone want a 3 hour quicktime movie of that?

Well, maybe split up into smaller bits, but you get the idea. You wouldn’t get the hand waving, but you would get a bunch more detail, obviously.

I actually had audio recorded, but I haven’t checked how it came out, yet, and I’d have to make a synchronized movie version of the slides (and likely be tempted to just redo the audio anyway). Thoughts? Would it be a worthwhile effort?


Audio would be great!!! I have the slides, but you covered soooo much stuff. I would definitely be using most of it... This was my best session thus far.

Your tutorial was the best. I'd like to listen to it again, a bit slower :)

Yes Audio, pls. For ppl. like me who have not attended the presentation, it would be great to listen to audio with slides. I always felt that slides only don't give the true gist of a presentation. Don't worry abt the file size.

audio would be great!


I really liked the slides, a video tutorial or the sound would be really great.


The talk was awesome! Please share the audio too :)

Yes, audio would be great, especially for those who live on the other side of the planet (or continent like me)!

If you're going to redo the audio, you might want to consider doing a transcript instead. It would be easier to modifiy in the future and would be picked up by search engines.

Perhaps there's some way to feed the audio into the Keynote "Record Slideshow" feature. You'd probably have to spend 3 hours flipping slides to match the soundtrack. The end result would be good though.

Not much help now, but at OSCON this year I'm planning to use Revolabs USB Wireless Microphone ( and ScreenFlow ( to capture and process the combined screen and audio.

Thanks for posting these slides - they're quite comprehensive and well done. I, too, would enjoy an audio complement or an integrated video.


still waiting for an audio/video version of slides :). I keep comming back to your blog that you might have posted the audio today. pls upload them somewhere e.g. S3.

Audio would rock

On page/slide 48, you discuss replicating Oracle DB on a MySQL cluster. I'm looking to do something like this, except that I'd like to replicate SQL Server 2005 to MySQL.

I've searched on Google and only found software to manually sync between SQL Server 2005 and MySQL ( but no replication.

I was wondering if anyone has done something similar...

Thanks a lot,

Hi Guillaume,

Great question - I could have used another slide or two to explain it better.

Join the mailing list over at and post the question there, I think that'll be a better forum than weblog comments here. :-)

- ask

I just read the slides; they were great!

Audio would absolutely rock, for those (like me) who couldn't make it to the conference.

So... Where is the audio? Has it ever been posted?


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