Red Hat Enterprise Linux rocks


Over at we've been asked if we could host one of the popular Perl community resources (it's vaguely hardware intensive and the current host is good with the software, but running the hardware for this is a distraction to them). So we try to say yes...

However, we need less hardware - not more, so we've been stalling it until the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 which has virtualization (via Xen) built-in.

Vani and I went to the datacenter today to replace a bios battery in the mailing list server, a drive in another box and install RHEL5 on a couple of newer generation boxes we have (one of them was one of the awesome HP boxes that AMD gave us some time ago).

We're just getting started with it, but so far so good. We have about 20 boxes (mostly ancient hardware) and not much time to look after them so we really really really like having their 7 years support policy so we don't have to do major upgrades until we want to. To fully explain how awesome this is: Most of the boxes we look after run RHEL, released in 2003. They keep making security and other critical updates available for that until 2010! Our version 4 boxes we don't have to upgrade until 2012.

Sure, we could get those updates with CentOS too (I think), but with RHEL we also get Red Hat Network that makes keeping track of updates incredibly simple.

So, Red Hat: Thank you! :-D


yup! rhel does rock. i love it for its stability and long life. rhel5 also makes for a great workstation os! and i think, though it is cool that you're thanking red hat -- you've already thanked them by spending your money with their organization :)

Hi Mookie,

Actually; RedHat is letting use RHEL for free!

(on the other hand, as a RHT shareholder I do make money when they are doing well - I should have mentioned that!)

- ask

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