Google Checkout Perl Modules


How come nobody put their Perl modules for the Google Checkout API on CPAN yet?

I'm sure they are made, but either they are crummy or the author thinks they can make more money selling them. I'd suggest to those people that if their code isn't crummy, they will do better with the publicity from having made the modules everyone is using.

In any case: Please someone do it already! :-)


Actually, The person doing a set of those contacted me a while back about getting Handel to talk to Google Checkout. I don't have the tuit to do it, but I make a big round of refactoring to make it quite plausible.

This post is the number-one hit for various Google searches for [perl "google checkout"] !

I have started to implement both the cart-encoding and the HTTP/XML-handling stuff, and intend to share it on CPAN and probably SourceForge once it's done. No promises on when that will be, though I am trying to finish it ASAP since it's a prerequisite to various interesting things I'm doing.

I invite conversation about it in the meantime. (Including "someone's already done all this, you idiot".)

I have released a Perl implementation of Google Checkout:


Hi everyone,

It's not easy to find such a good good blogs about implementation of Google Checkout in shopping cart. But may be somebody already have experience with Dansie Cart to implement Google Checkout?
I have asked webmaster from and others, but they don't know.
If anybody can help me - I will be really appreciated - please contact me.

Thank you in advance.

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