New York 1995


The wonder of film scanners. I have found a whole lot of old pictures on scratched up black and white film and dusty slides and with the scanner they are coming back. I'm considering doing a "picture every other day/week/..." thing. Hmmn..

New York 1995

Here's a picture from New York in the summer of 19925. Since this is my geeky weblog, then let me put it in those terms: Before I did Perl.Several years before I used OS/2. Four yearsA year before my first Linux box. Years before I used MySQL.

Oh, and before 2001 - obviously.

(See also large size, or the Flickr Entry if you want to mark it a favorite).

update: maybe it was 1995 and not 1992...


It was Easter (beginning of April) and probably 93, maybe 94.
I was there too:-)
Your mom

Hi Mom! :-)

The notes on the slides say '95. Are you sure it was earlier? Hmm.

- ask

That's a really great photo of lower Manhattan!

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