Real dogs eat mango


Ainsley eats a mangoAinsley eats a mango

We take some pride in giving our dog a varied diet (although it's usually the same raw chicken, cooked brown rice and some veggies - carrots, broccoli, whatever we have in the fridge that's not from the "nightshade family".

Occasionally she'll get an Apple (raw and preferably not with other food, I forget why) or like a few days ago: the remains of a mango!


Are you the B. H. that was/is with PwC?

If so,hello. If not, sorry.


Hi Dick,

No sorry - different one! (Notably one without the first name "Ask". ;-) )

- ask

my pup eats mango as well. infact if he sees I've bought any he follows me about the house and tries to roll them around until I cut one open for him [he's a little guy]

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