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I haven't figured out how to post "interesting links of the day". I don't like posting them here, and clearly I haven't been motivated enough to setup a feed from there to a sidebar here. Hmn.

Anyway, here are some for today.

Javascript 2, could be in browsers in 2007! It looks completely awesome. They are planning/considering/hoping for a js2 to js1 translator to generate code for old browsers.

Judge says cutting profanity (etc) out of movies is illegal. According to the judge, it is up to the moviemakers to decide who their film was appropriate for and tailor it accordingly. "Whether these films should be edited in a manner that would make them acceptable to more of the public playing on a DVD in a home environment is more than merely a matter of marketing; it is a question of what audience the copyright owner wants to reach," he wrote in his ruling. "What is protected are the creator's rights to protect its creation in the form in which it was created.". (Yay).

ABC hopes to halt fast-forwarding. The Cable companies might fall for it, but probably not TIVO. (I think the TIVO shares I picked up in the winter will go up if so...)

Wired Magazine gets Wired! For years they didn't own the site. Now they do (again). Speaking of Wired, Lawrence Lessig had a good column on An Inconvenient Truth.

Curbed LA points to a fun map of Los Angeles housing prices.

Remember to register for OSCON! The photo above is from Oregon last year (we made a quick roadtrip out of it).


Judge says cutting profanity (etc) out of movies is illegal.

Slashdot has a summary of user comments for and against this ruling.

I think there are some valid point that this ruling erodes some of the "fair use" rights the consumer had.

The discussion mentions an alternate approach to producing edited movies that involves having the DVD player perform the edits based on a "cut list." It seems like an inconsistency if that is acceptable, but paying someone to perform the edits for you isn't.


I think the TIVO shares I picked up in the winter will go up if so...

Ack. Unless you're a short term investor, I wouldn't touch TiVO stock. Take a look at this write up of current IP TV offerings and consider whether TiVO's model of off-air recording is going to be obsolete sooner rather than later.

Sure, TiVO could always transition their product into being a superior device for playing online streamed content, but I'm not confident they'll successfully pull it off. (Their track record of dealing with partners, keeping up with technology trends, and trying to expand their subscriber base hasn't been great, and that's all within a business model they pioneered.)


I think the TIVO shares I picked up in the winter will go up if so...

Might want to take a look at this:

Apple unveiled its latest digital-entertainment device Tuesday at the annual Macworld expo in San Francisco. Dubbed iTV, the set-top box will use a wireless network to let users stream video downloads from iTunes to their TVs, saving them the potential eye strain of viewing things on the tiny iPod video screens.

...and reconsider your TiVO investment.



My biggest hesitation with having TIVO stock is that I don't actually have a Tivo box! (Using the companys products is one of my "rules of thumb").

I have very few TIVO shares and a good number of AAPL shares (+30x as many!), so if Apple's gadget turns out to be important, I think I will be okay anyway.

From what I've read (again, I'm not a user -- for our relatively limited tv watching we use MythTV), the Tivo user experience is far far ahead of the competition so far. The biggest challenge they have is to sell their relatively expensive boxes to users who often can get a heavily subsidized box from their cable company.

(It was disappointing btw that their new HD Tivo 3 boxes don't have any "Netflix features")

- ask

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