Early birthday presents


Vani has been getting me early birthday presents through the week (my birthday is today!), including very not-safe-for-work (but not like you think) curiously strong magnets!

New fridge!

In raw weight the biggest early birthday present came yesterday, when these four guys brought us our new refrigerator. They tried to deliver it a few weeks ago but needed to come back with more people to get it down the stairs.

It is "counter depth" and apart from looking out of place in its shinyness, it fits the space in the kitchen rather well. The old one wasn't as tall or wide as the space, but was sticking out a few inches too much. Shiny. My first ice-maker!

Our old dishwasher was 25-30 years old and we got a new swedish one too that I finally finished installing last Saturday (bye-bye strange-installation-of-the-old-one). I must be getting used to this house thing when I get slightly excited about new appliances. Only major disappointment: The curiously-strong-magnets doesn't stick to the curiously-shiny-surfaces of the fridge and dishwasher. What's up with that?


Congratulations on your birthday (how old is it?) and your new stuff. I had my birthday last monday, turning 28.

I hope you have a happy birthday :)

Congrats - with your birthday, and with the Asko dishwasher! :-)


FYI it's because they are stainless steel, which magnets don't adhere to. One of the only "downsides" I've ever found to owning stainless steel kitchen equipment.

Frank, yeah - I've read up on it a bit since. I fonud a good introduction. The short version is that "stainless steel" is a very broad definition and it's only some types of stainless steel ("austenitic" ones) that are not magnetic, apparently because it has nickel...

Now where do we put our magnetic blackboard?

- ask

Happy B-Day Ask. Hope all is well and Vani are enjoying the new fridge. I got a 42" plasma tv for my b-day (hint hint)


Hi Bill,

Hope all is well with you too! :-)

We use our old projector for the Playstation, MythTV and DVDs so I'm not sure we could figure out to use a "small" TV. :-)

Of course the projector is pretty hopeless when it's light out and we don't really have a space for it in the living room so if we ever want to watch anything there or play the playstation in the day...

- ask

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