Getting ready for the MySQL User Conference - The Turbo Edition

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I've been following the plethora of MySQL User Conference postings over at Planet MySQL. Woah, it looks like fun!

Sadly I am missing most of it this year. I don't have time to go the whole week, so I am only making it on Wednesday to give my talk Web Performance and Scalability with MySQL.

Usually I'd worry tons about my talk, but I think it'll be lots of fun. I've been tuning and fixing up my slides and I really like how it's turning out1. Hopefully the people coming to the talk will like it too! :-)

The talk description says "fast paced", and it's not kidding. I have enough content for three talks - but then people would just have too much time to read their email and that's not what they come to the conference for, right? Right?? :-)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it a lot, except for the part about getting up early to get to the airport. (Vani promised to take me though, yay! :-) )

1 Of course it helps building on a popular talk I've given ~4 times before ...

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