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I got a Sun T2000 server from their test drive program a few days ago. I didn't have the right serial adapter to get to the console port at home and my 30 minutes of trying to stitch together the right cable didn't work out, so I am taking it down to the rack instead of playing with it at home.

I took a few pictures and uploaded them to flickr.


I don't know if we get to keep it, but if we do then it's probably going to be in that rack anyway, so... (crossed fingers - if you work for Sun please put in a good word for me with your marketing department :-) )

When we get it up we'll try setting it up as a perl5 and parrot smoke test server. With the Solaris zones we might be able to have it safely run tests of everything uploaded to CPAN too; I'll have to look into that. It'll also be fun to see how well it can do some MySQL benchmarks (despite the 2.5" drives)


Damn. Can I have an account on it? :)

I saw you're talking at the UC that I CAN'T ATTEND.

How'd you end up on the planetmysql aggregator? I didn't know you were a mysql haxx0r. You're supposed to keep me in the loop, man :)

It's my understanding that 10k and 15k rpm drives have been using 2.5" platters for quite a while, they've just not reduced the external size of the drive for obvious reasons. Sun's trying to make that transition as part of their new servers.

Hi Ask, glad to see you got one of these. Drop me a line if you have any questions about the box or Solaris ;-)

Thanks for the tip on the serial cable.. Does the machine take a standard serial cable?

I better go find a USB->serial cable so I can actually boot mine up when i get it.

oh.. I posted a link to your photo's on I hope you don't mind.

ping me your IM if you have a chance. I'd like to talk with you about your plans for it. I have no idea what I'm going to do with mine, heh.


Many networking boxes also use the same RJ11 to DB9 serial adapter, I borrowed one from a Cisco router to get my T2000 up and running

RJ11? You mean Rj45, right?

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