Hollywood Power Outage


Woah! A little while ago the lights went out. The computers but not my monitor is on a relatively powerful UPS so the noise kept going. Vani went "woah". First thought: Breaker switch? Where are my shoes? Then I realize it's dark downstairs too, so it's not just a breaker switch. At the same time I look up and see lots of city lights down in the city, but our whole canyon is dark.

Scramble in the dark to find the maglite I know is somewhere on my desk. Vani lights a candle in the bedroom and I start shutting down the computers on the UPS. At least it's not affecting the datacenter this time.

Now we are sitting here in the dark. I called the LADWP. The automatic system doesn't know about the outage, but they are "currently experiencing high call volumes". Wonder why! :-)

There are lights on the Griffith Observatory and in the houses on one the hill ridges over in that direction. It looks cool in the dark surroundings.

update Now their phone answering machine is telling about the outage. From the description of the area ("Widespread in the Hollywood and Hollywood Hills area, Hollywood Blvd, Beachwood Canyon, Mulholland Dr, Western (?)") then our view is pretty perfect of the dark area. No expected time to repair yet...

Slowly faint lights are appearing in the windows around the canyon.


Be grateful that you aren't going through powercuts every day since Sunday, like those of us who live in Cape Town are having to deal with.


I hope you have a generator or a Really Big UPS. :-)

- ask

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