More hardware trouble ...


This is unreal!

My old FreeBSD box at home is noisy (old scsi drives), has too little memory and a slow CPU but it's been Rock Solid for about 5 years. It's been more than a year since I last rebooted it.

Until today.

I got home from a meeting and it had crashed. Kabang. With a disk error no less (maybe provoked by the backup it had been running?) It's running and seems to be doing alright.

I had been planning to replace it with a VMware (or Xen) instance on the Linux fileserver, but that went bye bye last week of course.

h590LAMP021-f.jpegFast forward to late this evening. I turn the projector on to watch a DVD and nothing happens. The remote is odd sometimes so I am thinking it's just the remote. The lens has needed a cleaning for some weeks so I go get something to clean it with. Now with a clean lens I sit down and turn it on again. Fan noise but no picture.

Completely dark.

Ah, it needs a lamp replacement. No problem.

Off to Crutchfield to order a replacement. $350! Woah. The projector is only ~$1000. Oh well, I still need a new lamp. Except it's out of stock.

Off to $other_sites to find one and apparently it's out of stock everywhere. Even Infocus says temporarilly (sic) backordered. Grrrh. :-(


Clearly, the universe is trying to tell you something.

It is amazing that the bureaus have not learned how to install all their gear without provoking hardware failures. Imagine all those agency interns running in and out of your house installing a microphone but destroying the fridge. Installing a keyboard snitch but destroying the harddrive ...


Heehee. Except for the part about strangers running in and out of the house then I almost like that better than the random failures.

- ask

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