OSCON 2005 fun


Woah, been much too busy to post anything during OSCON. It's been lots of fun. Not learning so much, but it's been fun to see old friends and meet new people once again. After my Real World Web Scalability talk yesterday I got lots of variations on "most useful talk ever" comments, so that was pretty fun. Maybe I should use it again again again.

We didn't take many photos, but Duncan did. One of them of Vani and myself.

Yes, I haven't shaven for a few weeks...


i haven't shaven for a few weeks.

you say that like it??s unintentional. clearly you??re cultivating a young-obi-wan look for some sort of horrible star wars fanboy geekery.

Wow, Ask. I think thats got to be the most serious looking image of you ever. And, yes, there most definately is a touch of Yedi about it. Do you have slides/images/movies of your talk?

Best, Kaare

With the brown hoodie and contemplative gaze it's clear you've taken being a Perl Monk far too seriously.

Tim [Wishing I was there.]

Keep the beard but cultivate it with one of theses:

http://xrl.us/g22d (Link to www2.panasonic.com)

Just got a Panasonic ER-221.
Very happy about it! :-)

Jim, that reminds me of your which do you regret more post. Unintentional choices more often lead to inaction than intentional ones, don't they?

Tim, we missed you!

Kåre, the truth was really incredibly tired more than serious. :-) I'll put up some PDFs with the slides over the next couple of days.

Janus, I have a Norelco trimmer that I usually use to keep the beard more or less even (Norelco is a Philips brand, I think). I have just been lazy about using it the last weeks. My trimmer is about due for replacements, so I'll have to look at the Panasonics. The newer Norelco ones don't look so great...

- ask

wow, that's a good beard!

BTW are the slides from your plugins talk up anywhere yet? it sounds like it was interesting.

someday I'll figure out how to get to go to OSCON ;)

Do you remember me????!!!
It's Sabrina!=)
You changed so much (it's strange to see you with a beard!LOL)!!!And your wife is very beautiful!!!

Big Kiss from all the familly Hansen in Paris!!!

The beard is respectable! Have my cheers ;)

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