JFK - Five line review

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jfk posterI watched (most of) JFK the other day for the first (and last) time.

The editing is beautiful. The way they weaves the information together is great and completely mesmerizing. I loved that. Not enough to finish watching it (and it's rare I don't finish a movie. The only movie I've even gotten close to walking out on was Crash (1996), but that's for another day...)

Anyway, back to JFK: Holy shit, that sucked!

An hour or so into it I got too annoyed with what seemed like half-baked theories, so I paused and opened a web browser to read more (gotta love using the Mac Mini as a DVD player!). And yes, indeed, the movie is full of half-truths and lies.

I think it'd have been fine if the movie wouldn't have pretended to be more factual than it is. If it wasn't so pretentious. Even Michael Moore is honest about his documentaries being opinionated. I expected more from Oliver Stone.

But damn, it was well done. If only the story they were telling wasn't so annoying. I love conspiracy theories as much as the next guy, but this was dumb.

One of the editors was Pietro Scalia who also did a great job editing Black Hawk Down. And the delightful Playing By Heart (more on that one another day).

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Howard Hunt's Deathbed Confession confirms the work of Kenendy assassination researchers like Harold Weisberg and Dorothy Kilgallen.

The Hunt confession vindicates generations of historians, researchers and whistleblowers who have given their lives and careers to expose the truth about Dealey Plaza.

If you would like to really understand the Kennedy assassination, compare what Dorothy Kilgallen said about the assasination on November 29, 1963:


Compare what Dorothy said with what J. Edgar Hoover said on November 29, 1963:


And you must also understand what disinformation agents who pose as researchers like John McAdams are saying because they target the truth:


Howard Hunt's deathbed confession has confirmed everything that knowledgeable researchers like Harold Weisberg have exposed. exposed:

According to Hunt’s confession, which was taken by his son, St. John (“Saint”) Hunt, over the course of many personal and carefully planned father-son meetings, the following individuals were among the key participants:

Lyndon B. Johnson: LBJ, whose own career was assisted by JFK nemesis J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), gave the orders to a CIA-led hit team, and helped guide the Warren Commission/lone gunman cover-up.

Cord Meyer: CIA agent, architect of the Operation Mockingbird disinformation apparatus, and husband of Mary Meyer (who had an affair with JFK).

David Atlee Philips: CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Recruited William Harvey (CIA) and Cuban exile militant Antonio Veciana.

William Harvey: CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Connected to Mafia figures Santos Trafficante and Sam Giancana.

Antonio Veciana: Cuban exile, founder of CIA-backed Alpha 66.

Frank Sturgis: CIA operative, mercenary, Bay of Pigs veteran, and later Watergate figure.

David Morales: CIA hit man, Bay of Pigs veteran. Morales was also a figure involved with the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Lucien Sarti: Corsican assassin and drug trafficker, possible “French gunman,” Grassy Knoll (second) shooter.


This is the final truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy:


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