Volunteers sought: Help more than 50 billion emails get filtered every month


Want to do a little good in the world? :-)

You can do your part by helping to run a system used massively by organizations and individuals all over the world.

Perl and Postgresql skills are at the center, but you'll also need to be intimately familar with SMTP and know your way around (or at least be somewhat familiar with) FreeBSD, MySQL, php, nanae, rsync, the DNS protocol, tinydns, bind, Request Tracker (RT) etc etc. You need to be willing and able to help out for a while. Over the long term it's not too much work, but there'll be a lot of catching up at the beginning and it's only going to work if you can commit to it for an extended period.

Email me - ask@develooper.com - if you are interested. We need a small group of comitted volunteers to keep this running. Of course there's no pay, other than the thanks (often unspoken) of millions and millions of email users all over the world -- probably including yourself.


hi Ask -- I think that's NANAE btw, if I'm inferring correctly from the very vague hints you're dropping ;)


Yes, of course. :)


Giving up perl.org admin responsibilities?


Nah, I'll probably stick with that for another couple of years or five... :-)

I can't say what it is. For it to be possible to continue the project we need at least a few people who'll get the idea from what I wrote.

- ask

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