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Every so often we get a call from 888 858 9823. Sometime in the mid-nineties the phone number was the fax number of some small company here in Los Angeles, so when it just said "click [silence]" I thought it was a confused fax machine.

Over the last weeks it's become more frequent. Every few days or so, maybe more. Grrh. Today I tried waiting a little to see if it was a telemarketer, but nothing happened.

I tried looking up the phone number and found Dennis Judd's blog entry about the same calls. For him it actually went through and it was First USA, Bank One (or Chase as they just became) trying to sell him their evil extra private tax "protection plan". Idiots.

Hurry to call the number on the back of my card and yell at them to never ever have anyone call except if it's from their fraud department. The customer rep was pretty good. I got the impression that if the call wasn't recorded she'd have told me how she hate the deal they have with the third party company doing the calls too. Wait, if it's a third party company, are they really allowed to do it under the Do Not Call act? I guess they are. Evil bastards. If it wasn't for the steady stream of Amazon gift certificates then I should cancel the account.

To their credit they are always really good about picking up the phone quickly and getting stuff done without transferring me around and asking the same inane questions a billion times.

update Hi reader. If you found this site because you searched for that phone number, here's the best advice I can give you: Call the 800 number on the back of your Chase/BankOne/FirstUSA credit card and tell them to never ever call you except for fraud issues and in particular never call with any promotions or offers.


I really really like GeoURL, it's neat! I just added myself to your database and posted a quick note on my blog about your project.

make sure you dial "1" before the number, "1 888 858 9823" and you should get Chase Credit on the line... My mother just tried calling back and realised this, and now she's proceeding to block the number from our phone line.


I've been getting that 1-888-858-9823 calls for the paste month asking me to join thier program too. I"m so glad I checked this site out. I finally hung up on them this morning 9/7/05... It's the same guy, who sounds like an eastern Indian. Hell no, I"m not gonna give no cc numbers to no body. Anything that is too good to be true, it is.

BTW - Chase now has another number they use, 888-805-8613. However, if you call it, you get an automated system that allows you to press 5 and add your number to their do-not-call list.

I have been receiving those annoying phone calls for months and months, but today was the first time they called from the 888-805-8613 number. I went on the advice of shaun and called. Hitting 5 certainly did allow me to put my number on their internal DNC list. Thanks for the tip!

Chase Bank telemarketers started calling my business phone last week and I asked them to remove my work number from their records (Btw - I do not currently have any business with them). Since then, I have received daily calls from them, and I get the same eastern Indian every time and I am getting really mad at them as they are blatantly ignoring my request. Apparently, it takes 30 days for them to take a number out of their systems, what a load of bull.

I kept receiving calls from this 888-805-8613 number at home, always around the same time on the day(around 8pm). I didn't know it was from Chase until I got to this site by searching the number(thank god I did!!). I wasn't really paying attention as the call was usually around the time I was away from home, plus I have already registered at "NATIONAL DO NOT CALL". Then yesterday, I got a call on my cell while I was at work, around 11am. I've never got any telemarketer call on my cell as I've never given away the number other than to my close friends or family. So I assumed that was an emergency and I answered the call. It was, indeed, really annoying telemarketer call. This guy was talking non-stop as soon as I picked it up, started like "hello, my name is @#$%^, I'm calling from 888-805~, I'm sorry to interrupt your precious family time(yeah right!) but I'd like to notify you that you are pre-qualified for mortgage blah blah blah...". Even if I was trying to interrupt him by saying "EXCUSE ME...EXCUSE ME..." this idiot kept talking talking talking like a machine, I finally had to yell and hang up on him. I have no idea where Chase got my cell #. Since all my numbers are registered, I assume nobody would call but I guess I was wrong. I just called the # and did a DNC, also verified my registry at the "NDNC" - my numbers have been in the registry since 2004! I guess I should file a complaint...


It is so annoying. Glad I visited the site. We are beginning to get this caller every other day. Have called and followed the instructions. Dial 1 before the phone number and then 5 when instructed. Hope it works.

i can't believe those idiots at chase!
i recently received a chase card and in the past 10 days i've had at least a dozen telemarketing calls from them.
i have entered my # on their do not call list 4 times since saturday!
i have spoken to customer service 3 times including cs managers twice since saturday!
i have spoken to marketing managers twice since saturday!
i have told them several times that if the telemarketing calls don't stop that i will cancel my chase card!
and this morning i was awakened by another telemarking call from them!

whoever the idiot at chase is that thought up this insane idea that it's good business to bombard people that don't want their calls with more calls has made a serious mistake!!!

as of this moment.. if i receive another telemarketing call from chase i will cancel my account with them! f**k them!!!!

1888-805-8613 is the telemarkers number for Chase credit card company in India. These Indian telemarkers either call 11 PM or 7 AM every day when you own chase credit cards. When I file a complaint to Chase credit card customer service, and the manager told me they cannot do anything, live with it or disconnect your phone. These Indian telemarkers know how much you spend on your credit cards, and your home address, and everything!! Chase credit card doesn't protect American cusomers rights at all. Don't use their cards.

Bjørn, thank you for this blog !!! You have done many people a great favor!

Thank you!

hey everybody how you´re doing im just writting to tell you not to be so mad about chase telemarketing calls, i used to work for them and i quit. Its not those guys fault, cause that calls are programmed and it takes 30 days to remove a number and after that time they stop calling you.
The good news is that you should listen to their services once, cause they not always offer you the same stuff.
The company that they mostly call from is ICT and there are several around the world, i used to work for them at the one that is located in Nogales. The people that work there are mostly high school guys who need extra money for party time, beers, and those things, no one really care too much about doing a job but ICT should look for another kind of guys who care more about customer´s time that´s it!!! Have a good day! And please dont get mad!!!!

Hi Alex,

If you call me on my number that is 1) not listed in the phone book and 2) listed in the do-not-call registry and try to sell me stuff then yes, I might yell at you. If it is not you, can you transfer me to "someone who is at fault"? No? Well then ...

Typically you will even hang up on me when I ask for your address and contact information (I don't mention it, but obviously so I can file a complaint).

- ask

Googled the phone number that constantly calls me day in and day out - 888/805-8613, and found this wonderful site .. Thanks guys! I called the number and registered my phone number on Chase's internal DNC list... granted, it will take 30 days to remove but it is a relief that I can look forward to not getting a phone call from them every night when I just want to relax... Thanks again!!

Thanks all, I was starting to get that calls regularly too...

Keep in mind that the DNC list has an expiration date based on the time that you registered.... you will then have to register again.

Thanks for the tip. I called the 888# back, followed the prompts and requested to be part of the internal Do Not Call list. The process supposedly takes 30 days.

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