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yay. got tiger. foolishly I wandered by the apple store at 5.30 to find a long line of people waiting for them to reopen at 6.

Guy comes up to the line and asks the two girls behind me what the line is for. "mac store. they are giving away free stuff!! ipods and you know stuff", they tell him with excited voices. Guy turns around walks a few steps away and then comes back. "Maybe you have a better answer, what's with the line?" he asks me.

"FREE STUFF" a guy in front of me almost yells before I get to tell him that they are releasing their new operating systen today.

I must have looked very approachable standing a step away from the line typing on my treo. More people walk by to ask me what the line is for. "Mac store" rings more bells than "Apple store". People would have understood "free stuff!" better than "new computers and operating system", but I couldn't quite make myself say that. And I didn't know about any free stuff.

When I come inside as number 100 or so there's no line for the 10 registers where they take your money. They don't give 10% off on tiger, only on everything else.

(yes, I will probably return to the apple store the copy I will get from amazon in a few days...)

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Re: Dynatran AT-6705A

Is it really a "fluid head"? Have you any tips
on manuals on it?

Just got one to help camcord a church service.



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