UFOs Collide


My last postings have been the boring non-illustrated kind; so here's a photo Kåre, Janus and I caught last year of two UFOs colliding in Death Valley!

UFOs collide

We were lucky to catch this photo and another one of eerily human-like aliens from outer space after Kåre and I had been sitting in the desert for more than an hour trying to take a photo of the stars with a D70. Maybe Kåres photos from his F3 worked out better, but as far as I'm concerned the UFO photo is much more interesting. :-)


Heh, reminds me a bit of an exhibit of Tokihiro Sato photographs I saw recently at the Art Institute of Chicago.

well, if you look up area 51 on google maps, you'll see an empty map and clicking on the satellite image produces a big white hole where area 51 is supposed to be...when I try to zoom in all the way on the satellite image, I get a message that says "we're sorry, but we don't have imagery at this zoom level for this region. Try zooming out for a broader look." ... You can even type in "area 51" into the location box (but I noticed that what it appers to be doing is finding you the closest matches for that location from your previous location (typing in area 51 from groom lake, nv versus from ny, ny yields much different results using their interface). weird...this must all be a conspiracy! :-)

i am doing a research report and i cant seem to find enough information. please help me i dont want to fail.

it is a fake!!!!

You can easily tell this is fake, it's done by light photography where the lens is left open. I knew this because I could see the face of the person holding the lights, below and just to the right of the collision. Badly done.

Why is the second ufo swirling?

wow i have always been into the ufo and space thing and this is somthing that i admire i dont know if it is fake or not but if it isant then well we are not alone put it that way and i have always knew that we are not alone its fasinating

I have always been fascinated with ufos and aliens. But I now seek information on the 1949 Roswell crash. Can you help??? Just E-mail.

To me the piture dont look real but i still there is aliens in space we cant be the only ones in the unerverse

this is a UFO and it is travling thrue light.

This is a long exposure photo of a missile defense test. The long red streak on the right is the exhaust light trail from a drone missle and the bright zig-zag trail on the right is the contrail of a US Patriot missile which was fired to intercept the drone. The photo was taken from no less than 20 miles from the impact- which would explain why there may have been no audible explosion...

I agree with Franke that this is a fake you really can tell just by looking as he said to the lower right you can see the persons reflection but i am doing an astronmoy report on UFOs and would like to find out more if you have real info or pics please email me!

o my God
just this past summer at my cabin i took a random picture in the dark and i got this EXACT image of the 2 orange lines and the burst of light in the middle w/the eery human face

i about peed my pants when i clicked on this picture
i swear to god its the same thing i captured on my camera...but i eneded up erasing it on accident..incredible tho

Definitely a Missile Defense test. But perhaps it was the THAAD system vs the Patriot. See http://youtube.com/watch?v=0zXtWYKiHL8
THAADs interceptor missile does have a characteristic corkscrew trajectory.

The missile thump is definitely a nobrainer, but the streaky human faces are more intriguing. Looks like angels to me.

This really isn't very beleivable...why would the ufos have left such long trails of light behind them?? You would not be able2 capture all this light and motion in a picture. To be honest it looks like it has been drawn on in some kind of kids computer program like paint!
Sorry guys.

I agree with Syd and Franke on this picture. It's obviously a fake. Ya know, if you're gonna make a fake UFO picture, try not to get some dude's face in the background. }:P

Doh - you freaks must not have moused over the picture. :oP

all you people suck, it's a joke! mouse over the picture.
dont take everything so bloody serious.
Blumming Hell!

ps, funny pic (:

UFOs aint things 2 joke with some of us takes it serious,so pliz guyz lets get real.I dont care weether it was a missle test or a person holding lights the fact is we need real stuff??? by keith

yup its totally fake, you can so see the dude with the light, not cool :/ i still love ufos and aliens though :)

It's a fake, you can see a female person in the photograph standing just to the right.

just wanted to clear up in response to trashtalker#1 's comment . it is unavailable due to it being a no fly zone . now is this a conspiracy ? id say no . only because in the modern age of terrorism would America really want potential terrorists knowing ways of entry into the base ? i'm not ruling out the theory that the government may be hiding aliens or secrets there, they most likely are, however that would not be the soul purpose of hiding the images.

also i would like to no if anyone here has had sightings where a light changing colors has shot up a few meters from the floor, and shot off into various directions changing colors. if anyone has any other similar experiences please do email me at spunkii_jono@hotmail.com.

thats so fake you can even se an elderly women in brown jeans and a sweater with a disformed face but i still like ufo`s

well too bad thats not UFOs its ball lightning a really weird type of thunder commonly mistook for UFOs

do u think thay are rellay?

fake as hell

Well you guys in the western world are lucky to behold the these awsome sights of these UFOs, live in Africa, precislly Nigeria, we've never sighted these beings before, but i have been an ardent, call it student of this issue, i have read books and always updated on the internet,am a professional photographer too, yes the image may be achievable in photography, but from my studies so far, this, is not photography. If you say the light was faked, what about the being image.....Photoshop?

its fake man im serious also i dont think its real

sory dude that is not a ufo. Looks like gov stuff

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