Jon Allen made a beautiful new perldoc site. We are hosting it at so there's little chance this one will mystically go away.

Check out the clever dhtml bookmark / label feature on the right side of the page.

(it used to be at, but it was starting to use too much bandwidth so Jon asked us if we could give it a more permanent home. A permanent perldoc site being long on our todo/wishlist we were happy to help!)


Wow - What an awesome implementation! And it even has a pretty PDF version for each module/section!

Now it needs a search form. I suppose I could point perlmonk's perldoc:// psudouri schema to a google search of, but that seems... eh... unclean, somehow. Too many different changes of UI.

And thank god for it. Perlmonks now uses it for doc:// links. I'd have moved perldoc:// to it as well, but it lacks a search engine. I could point to google of it, but that'd be lots of UI changes for the operation (PM to Google to pd.p.o). Also, I'd prefer it not show different versions of the same document each as sepperate hits.

Sadly, it's a no-go for John unless it's implemented in JS, for somewhat reasonable reasons.

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