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Yesterday Ken and Jeremy sent me an invite to Yahoo 360 within a couple of minutes of each other (thanks!). So now I have a blog entry over there ranting about their system. Oh, notice the URL. Why not use They need to read Cool URIs don't change for inspiration over there.

Send me an email or leave a comment with your email address here if you'd like an invitation to try it out. Don't want to bother sending out invites anymore, thank you. If you really want an invitation to the site, paypal me $5 or something like that to show proof of your interest.


u know who this is...drop me an invite, please :-)

I also don't like the fact that they have their own blogging. It is a nice feature but a feature along the lines of "click here to incorporate your blog through your rss feed" would be much better...lets face it, how many people, such as yourself, will keep up the blogging there if you already have a place you like to blog (whether it is for more control of the app or whatever)? Will Jeremy abandon his blog to blog on 360?

I like try it!

tnx, ciao!

I'll give it a whirl, if you have a spare invitation.

What about users who'd rather not see their username in a URL, for all spammers to see?


IM spammers and spammers just trying $ I thought, naively, that was something you had just about solved by now. :-)

How about just making prettier URLs for people who have activated the "simple URL"?

Maybe the "target audience" won't know the difference, but wouldn't it be just about enough to stop you from using 360 as your blogging tool?

- ask

From what I've heard, though not looked yet, there is a way to turn on 'public' or 'friendly' URLs?

Send me please one invitation


If you have a spare invitation I would really like to try it out. Thanks in advance Rose


I would like to try yahoo 360. Could you please send me an invitation? thanks.

I would appreciate an invite :-)

Hi, I'd like an invitation too.
It seems to be a great service.
Thanks a lot!

Hi, I'd like an invitation too.
It seems to be a great service.
Thanks a lot!

If you have any invite left, could you please send me one too? Thanks.


please invite me to

thank you

I have read a lot about Yahoo360 and would like to try it. Could you please send me invitation for Yahoo360?
I am looking forward to receive an email from you.

dear sir
please invite me to
thank you

Hi, I'd like an invitation too.
It seems to be a great service.
Thanks a lot!


Hay,would you send me send me an invitation for yahoo 360? I would like to try yahoo 360. please?

pls send me a Yahoo! 360° invitation. thanx in advanced.

I would love to have an invitation, if you have any left. My email address is

Thank You!!!


I'd like to try Yahoo360. Could you please send me an invitation?


I would love to got invited,

Thanks in advance


PLEASE can someone please send me a yahoo360 invitation. I even have 400 gmail invitations to give away!!!

my email is

would you send me send me an invitation for yahoo 360? I would like to try yahoo 360

My email is
Ricardo from Brazil

I'd like a yahoo 360 invite please.


hey i was just wandering if i could havea n invite to yahoo 360.thnks alot if you can cause i am getting bit bored of msn spaces.


I'd like to try it out, too. Also, I'm giving out Gmail on my site. :)

Got it. Thanks a lot. :)

May I have an invite for Yahoo 360 ?
I would like to try it.

Thanks in advance

i have listened before but havnt used this if anyone have any invitatin pls send me to the following mail address


Can I have a yahoo 360 invite?

Hi , it wld be great if u cld invite me for yahoo! 360 :) thank u

Could I please have an invite too? I'm keen to try it out :p

Hey thanks for the invitation dude :) .

Since, lotta guys are saying that it's good... I'd like to get an invitation. Can anyone send me the same? Thanks in advance!


Please send me a Yahoo 360 invitation if some one have more available invitation..
my mail id

Please send me a Yahoo 360 invite as soon as possible,. thanx

Would love a Yahoo360 invite if they are still on offer. Thanks for this opportunity. It is much appreciated.

-K. Adams (

if you have a invite for yahoo 360 plz share 1 with me.

Please send me a Yahoo 360 invite! Thanks!

ttorimoto at yahoo dot com

I have made a blog using Yahoo Blog (which only exist for ID, just sign up for that id in
The YahooJP Blog is not a beta. It's final. But still, it is buggy as hell. As buggy as Friendster. For example, you made changes, but not directly affect your page. Even when you refresh many times.
So, I don't think it will be my main blog site.

Anyway, it will be nice if you could send me an invitation link to my email.
roppongihell at softhome dot net

could you please send a yahoo 360 invitation??? We've been waiting forever, and my wife has sooooo much to say, being the artistic one in the family. . .


Hi Im very much interested in setting up a tech blog... can u please send me an invitation to yahoo 360....

I need it very badly. it wud help a lot... Thanks

My e-mail:

send me an invitation, thanks a lot

Hey, would really appreciate an invite for yahoo 360 if you have any left!

I'd appreciate an invite. Thanks!

I would like and invite, Please.... I have gmail if you need it.

I need a yahoo360 invitation please send to

Could someone please please please send me a Yahoo 360 invitation? I need one badly... :-)

My email address is

an invite for me too? a million thanks.

may i please have an invite...

Could you please send me one?

i want one too, give me please ^_^

If possible can I get an invite to Yahoo 360? I have been dying to try out this service!



Would love a Yahoo360 invitation, plzz. Thanks for this opportunity. Much appreciated.

Could I possibly get an inviation to Yahoo 360 please?

I would like to order one invitation to Yahoo 360 please, and make that to go. - Thanks!

Could you please send me one? Thanks a lot.

Can u send me the invitation pls? thanx in advance..

I'd like a invite


I would appreciate a yahoo 360 invitation. Thanks!

i come from china,i hope an invitation.thanks.

I really really need this invitation! :)) Please ((: Thanks!

Can u send me the invitation pls? Thanks

please send me an invite

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