Apple iFlix DVD subscription service

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Apple hired someone who used to work for the XBox Live subscription service, so AppleInsider are speculating that Apple is considering a subscription model for the iTunes music store.

I think it's more likely she's working on the Apple iFlix DVD subscription service (Codename "Celluloid"). With the DVD subscription service you "rent" movies in H.264 format (Apple FAQ, Wikipedia) via an iTunes like program and play them on your Mac Mini in your living room.

You can have 4 movies "out" at the same time. Or 5, I don't know. Or maybe a lower number would still be attractive because the subscription client (iFlix) could download the next movie in your queue in advance but only activate it when you have disabled/deleted one of the previous movies so you'd have no waiting time.

Maybe the pre-seeding happens via the BitTorrent protocol. You can disable it, but then you won't get the movies downloaded in advance. Or maybe not. The pre-seeding can happen at night or some such making the bandwidth potentially cheaper. And DRM would get more complicated.

Will the next revision of the Mac Mini have a S-Video out or will Apple just wait for everyone to have a DVI compatible viewing device (ie a projector or HD TV)?

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