The time is 1111111111


Jamie Zawinski points out that the time will soon be 1111111111.

I know it's goofy to get excited about this sort of thing, but here I am.

I have this running in a terminal window now to try catching a glimpse of the big moment second.

perl -we '$|=1; use Time::HiRes qw(sleep);
while (1) { $t = time; $l = 1111111111 - $t;
print scalar localtime($t), " ($l) - ", $t, "\r";
sleep 0.25 } '


I had a terminal window open with the following:

while true; do date "+%s"; sleep 1; done

If you are not too limited on your choice of number system, you will have many cool days ahead with respect to funny numbers ...

On the dark side: If you ever change name to "Ask Bjoerrn Hannsenn" or something like that I will suspect you have taken it too far with the numbers ;-)

Best, Kaare

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