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We made a Powered by Perl button with the new Perl logo some time ago.

This is the only version of the onion that you are allowed to use and it must link to www.perl.org.

<a href="http://www.perl.org/">
<img src="http://i.perl.org/powered/perlpowered.png"
border="0" width="134" height="48"></a>

The Onion is a trademark of the Perl Foundation (like O'Reilly owns the camel). In the not too far future there will be usage and trademark information page for the onion logo at perl.org or the TPF site. But, at least until then - no using the onion logo for your Perl Monger group. Or anything else. Only use the "powered by Perl" button, please. :-)

Copy the .png to your own server, or use image on the i.perl.org server.


are you also making /favicon.ico's of the onion as well?

hmm, the new perl logo? I'm clearly not keeping up with the politics, but is there a writeup online about why the Camel fell into disfavour?

Ian, there was some legalese that made it not so attractive just yet. I forget what it was, but for now we are happy with using O'Reilly's Camel for the favicon at perl.org.

Justin, the Camel isn't in disfavour. It's owned (trademarked) by O'Reilly. The Onion Perl logo is a trademark of the Perl Foundation.

- ask

Can we have this as a transparent PNG please? Plus a version with white text for use on dark backgrounds? And both in 88x31 versions?

Yes, yes, sounds like a mouthful, but shouldn't be much work for someone who has the original. I and probably many others would be very grateful.

I personally personally prefer smaller buttons like this one.

Hmmm... for the regular user it seems like there are a heck of a lot of restrictions on using the onion... much more so than the camel... so why, if i might ask, would anyone not on the perl board see this as a good thing?

there are few 'powered by perl' logo around. here is one http://www.apache-asp.org/rectangle_power_perl.gif
it's no onion, though.

I agree with Aristotle ... and thanks for the png!

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