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I had a bunch more features I wanted to add (still working on those maps for example). However, I haven't had time to work on it since last weekend, so last night I decided to just get it online and this morning I flipped the switch. Release early, release often!

Remember having seen this site before? You remember right! It's a re-implementation of Joshua Schachter's original GeoURL site (that lived at the same domain).


Howdy, neighbor! Glad to see GeoURL back up (have had a button for it on my site for a long time in hopes it would return).

Hi, thanks for bringing it back =^D
It's not loading for me though LOL
I'll check it again later on.

This works all over the World?


Hi Kim,

Yes, it works all over the world...

- ask

hi there,

I like geo-url a lot. The form/map to lookup lat/lng is extremely confusing though. You might want to use a google-map for that. I developed something you can use if you like:

The idea is people can move around and zoom in, use satellite view, etc. When they click on the map the coordinates are fed to the form (actually the form code is replaced by foemcode with values filles in).

To achieve this, make a basic google-map with a google api key ( has a low zoom and thus shows complete world.

Ad a coordinates (id) DIV in the body with a form in it. Ad a click event in the javascript that replaces the conetnts of the coordinates-div like this:

GEvent.addListener(map, 'click', function(overlay, point) {

if (point) {

var x = point.x;
var y = point.y;
var htmlpoint = ' Item Name:
Press button to add item to database';
document.getElementById("coordinates").innerHTML = htmlpoint;
document.getElementById("coordinates").innerHTML = htmlpoint;

Mail ne with any remarks or questions and check out:

(version there shows form in infowindow instead of sidebar)

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