Los Angeles at night


On popular request I took a photo of the view at night some time ago...

It's interesting by the way; the photo looks much nicer in Adobe RGB than in sRGB. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong converting it.


About Adobe RGB: sRGB stands for small RGB which occupies a smaller color space than Adobe RGB which is very large; meaning has more visible colors than sRGB.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about photography.

That is a gorgeous picture. I would maybe like to use for a site I am designing. Could I get a hi res version from you? Thanks!

hi nice picture is there any way to get a bigger version of the picture jsut for personle use, wallpaper etc

Instead of you for comparison could present 2 pictures?

James & Irene,

I can't find it actually. Sorry! I'll post it again if I find a higher resolution version ....

- ask

I miss L.A. so much...

You took that picture from city terrace hills huh I live there I should know....L.A Is the BEst

Hi Daniel,

No - I took it from our house in Hollywood. :-)

- ask

WOW!I love LA. LA is the most beautiful city in the world.

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