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A few days ago from the old host at Webster where it's been for some time, to a box in the rack. It's a bit faster and best of all it shouldn't bounce up and down like it was starting to do...

Shopzilla (aka BizRate aka Good Friends of Perl) pulled out a couple of nice servers of their rack yesterday and gave them to us, yay. (So if you see broken images or something on their site today, you know why ;-) )

When we got to the datacenter, one of the Ticketmaster people came by and gave us a couple of 1U servers too, so between the four new servers we will setup at least one more box (redundancy and performance), move Subversion and CVS to a box just for that (it's on an old non RHEL system now with a bunch of other stuff) and setup a box just for our Request and Bug Tracker.

The downside of all this is that we don't have room for the paperbag with cables that's in the old picture above anymore... :-)

I'm not sure why, but it continues to surprise me just how long it takes to fudge with hardware to get it installed in the rack, cabled up, get the RAIDs configured, reset the BIOS configuration, install Linux, do basic configuration, etc etc. Of course it doesn't help that almost our servers are different configurations from different vendors.

ps. we are working on getting a mirror of setup in Europe. If you have a server in Japan we can take over and use for an Asian (or maybe only .jp) mirror, please send me a mail...

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I'm not sure why, but it continues to surprise me just how long it takes to fudge with hardware...

Yeah, so true. I count this under the First rule of data-centre visits: everything takes five times longer than you expect.

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