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We got moved last weekend. We got the last load hauled inside a little before eleven sunday night. To say we were tired would be quite an understatement. The old place had stairs up to the street. The new place has stairs down from the street. Stairs down are much easier, so unless one of our neighbors move I don't see how we can get out of here.

Almost two weeks ago when we got the keys and started doing work here and moving a few things, the gas was turned off and we tried to heat up the house a little with the fireplace. Not much luck with that! It was nice and warm right next to it, but it didn't heat up the house much. I would take a picture of the fireplace, but currently it's well hidden behind layers of boxes. It's built to look pretty with burning wood inside, not to actually make the house warm -- which when you think about it is about right most of the year here.

The guy from the gas company came last Wednesday to turn on the gas and he told that it was the coldest day in 90 years. No wonder we were so happy to see him.

Of course a few days later we were back to summer like temperatures.

I think I could feel moved in even with a pile of boxes in a corner just fine. If you consider having wireless covering the whole house all moved in, then we are all set. We haven't finished part of the house we'll use for office space, so I'm not yet setup properly with the powermac and big monitor and all that, rather just on my nice chair in one of the bedrooms with the laptop (mostly). Not so great, but the view out the window is nice.

We taught one of the cats to run up the stairs when we go in through the front door and say "up up up". If the door routine is more complicated than someone coming in through the door then she gets a bit confused about it, but other than that she learned it really fast. The other cat hasn't tried venturing down the stairs yet. She makes it to the first step and then hurries up again.

Having just an interim "office" made me setup the Airport Express to let us print from the laptops. Maybe Apple aren't perfect, but they sure know how to make things easy.

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