The Fog of War


1965 B-52 sw bombs falling

robert mcnamara Dylan Biles reminds me to remind you to remember to watch The Fog of War if you haven't already. Why do the government send people to war? It's not just a fascinating view into the past but also a bundle of lessons to the current administration. Of course it doesn't seem like they are watching. History repeats itself.

Buy from Amazon, official site, Errol Morris, Ebert's Review

And the Philip Glass soundtrack is great.

(via Brad DeLong)


The Fog of War is available at Netflix, so presumably you can rent it from your local video store.

Why do the government send people to war?
I think Smedley explained it a long time ago: War is a Racket

Thanks for the mention... do you mind making it a link to my page?

Dylan Biles

Dylan -- Sorry, that should have been linked all along!

- ask

ps. Congratulations on the new car. =)

Thanks, Bjorn (I'm not taking the time to get my work's computer to type the slavic o). I appreciate it... glad you liked what I had to say.

And thanks for the congrats. I've always wanted a jeep... and... I .... Love... IT!

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