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I was so looking forward to the time after this election. Being able to truly be interested and care for little unimportant things happening in the tech world and the blogosphere again. Apologies to my readers who come here looking for that.

BOPNews had a what a second Bush term will mean posting with a list of reasons to be depressed about the result. They also have a moving forward posting. DailyKos calls for Howard Dean as the new DNC chair. And they have a few quotes from newspapers around the world.

Kerry's concession speech. When I have a bit of time I want to also read what Barack Obama said at the democratic convention (full transcript, video).

Now in some masochistic way we can just hope that Bush and Rove goes completely overboard and spoils it for the Republicans in 4 years.

asshole.jpg image from CNNDerek noticed that someone at CNN uploaded this picture with the filename of "asshole.jpg"... Being bitter and snide is on the path to acceptance and moving on, right?

Leonard collected a bunch of quotes (Leonard, what's with the lack of proper permalinks?)

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