Speakeasy VoIP?


The Speakeasy support phone number have a "Speakeasy Voice" option in the automated menu crap now. Are they building a VoIP service?

I'm thinking of switching from Vonage to BroadVoice to use their "Bring your own device" service. I have a TDM400P card that'd be fun to get setup with Asterisk again; the closed Vonage box is really no fun.

I'd use VoicePulse Connect for calls to Europe as BroadVoice's rates to cell phones are Really Really bad (more than twice as much as VoicePulse).

grrh, still on hold for Speakeasy...

update: 15 minutes later, still on hold. Double Grrh. Time to give up. [click]

update: they are indeed adding VoIP services, they are testing it


For what it's worth, you can get cheaper then VoicePulse Connect. NuFone (http://nufone.net) is a bit cheaper, but their support is sometimes an iffy thing. Their service is solid (I haven't seen an outage in 6 months), and they claim they're reworking their support department, but I've had support email get lost repeatedly in the past. They've been better for my recent requests.

I've never used VoipJet (http://voipjet.com), but their rates are *really* low--$0.15 to UK mobiles, for example, compared to >$0.21 for VoicePulse. Their US rates are cheap, too.

They're both prepaid IAX services, like VoicePulse Connect.


VoipJet looks great. When I get rid of Vonage for my DID so I can use Asterisk again I'll definitely setup an account with them.

- ask

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