Nikon D2x announced

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Nikon D2x DPReview are the first with an press release. Rob Galbraith has a review already. It looks very cool, except it won't ship until January 2005. I don't think they've announced pricing yet.

Earlier this evening someone had the Nikon Brochure (local copy) online. He also had a bunch of pictures of the camera (local copy).

The talk on d1scussion is positive so far.

In extra geeky news, the wireless add-on is now 802.11g rather than 802.11b.

In stranger news they also announced a new professional film SLR, the F6! Except for that japanese site I can't find anything about it online yet, but see what David from Nikon wrote:

From: David Dentry
Subject: [d1scussion] Nikon New Products - It's Official!
Date: September 15, 2004 11:02:05 PM PDT


As has been speculated, today we are announcing lots of new stuff. For complete specs see the various Nikon web sites around the world, but the basics:

The D2X is our new "flagship" camera, a 12.4MP/5fps DX format CMOS sensor digital SLR. Replacing the D1X as our top end camera, the D2X looks and works much like the existing D2H, but has some great new features. (Pricing and availability - TBA)

-High speed crop mode which uses a smaller portion of the DX frame and allows you to shoot a 6.8MP image at 8fps with a 2x lens focal length increase (compared to 35mm film).
-Better color and image processing due to new ASIC chips
-Improved 3D color matrix meter
-GPS compatibility
-in-camera multiple exposures (Juergen won't get punched anymore!)
-in-camera image compositing
-RGB histogram display
-Customer user file naming
-Menu "history" display

Offering faster transfer and easier operation this new wireless transmitter replaces the WT1A. We are adding 802.11G (faster) capability, PTP over IP support (easier setup), remote control, and improved software.

And for the rest of you...

The F6 is the first film camera which is modeled after a digital camera and contains a lot of the technology of the D2X! iTTL Flash, 8fps, built-in data back, ...

300mm f2.8 G VRF lens
The latest in our line of fast, 300mm f2.8 lenses; we are adding VR to this version. Approx. 124mm (max. diameter) x 267.5mm length (measured from bayonet mount flange to front edge) Approx. 2,850 grams

After everyone has read the specs and looked at the web sites I'll answer any questions that I can. THANKS


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
David Dentry
General Manager, Technical Support
Nikon Inc. USA

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