Backwards scam spam


Subject: Sales Enquiry..............
Date: September 7, 2004 1:48:45 PM PDT
To: [hidden]

Hello sales,

I want to order for some items from your
store to my store and the shipment will be international to
africa(nigeria) mail me back for the type of payment you
accept and the list of items that i want.your responce is
needed urgently.


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How can anyone possible fall for that? "Mail me back the list of items that I want". How about a big wire cutter for your phone line so you will stop sending this junk? It's the special no-rubber version which will give you a big thrill if you try it on the power line too!


To be fair, English probably isn't his first language. And it reads to me as if he may have meant something like "mail me back with the types of payment you accept and I'll reply with the list of items that i want"...


No reason to be fair to a spamming scammer. See #1 on for the summary of how the scam works.

- ask

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