Surprising CPAN mirror


Lots of cool organizations and companies are providing open source mirrors. I was surprised though to see that Playboy has an open source mirror, including a CPAN mirror. "I read it for the source code"?


Howdy! I'm the guy at Playboy that put this online for the masses. I appreciate the link. We couldn't do a lot of what we do without open source software, and the development efforts that go into constantly improving what's out there. This is the end result of a pet project to make it easy for me to reach out and snag software I use on a daily basis and also say thanks & help spread the joy. :-)


Bandwidth is a siginifcant cost is distributing software, and getting the bean counters at any corporation to give away something is always a major feat.

Thank you for putting up the mirror, and lets hope other companies do the same thing!


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