Powells Bookstore


Holy @#$%#, that place is big! And we weren't even in their technical bookstore or the travel bookstore.

I thought it'd just be yet another bookstore, but it is indeed very cool. Every topic I went to had an impressive selection. Not Amazon.com impressive, but very very nice. And it's a lot more fun flipping real pages than virtual ones at amazon.

And there's a Whole Foods around the corner from it.

Vani and I are thinking that maybe we should move here some day. Of course now we are also in the middle of the glorious summer here. And everyone seems very nice. Compared to L.A. we are missing a bit of diversity though, all afternoon we saw just one (1!) asian outside of the hotel.


Have a job ready before you come up here... last year I remember someone telling me that there was just ludicrous unemployment rates here. You're right though, in that it's totally gorgeous here, and the cost-of-living seems reasonable.

PS - Your TypeKey thing didn't seem to be working for me... not sure what the problem was, but I'd sign in and when I got back to the comments page, it still wouldn't "know me"....

Your typekey thing worked, it just didn't tell you that. I should fix that, huh?

I think I'd do contracting and consulting and such if we moved up here. Vani is thinking about going to school some more and that could work nicely up here. I have had some lucky stock picks, so those could carry us over for a little while too (unless of course the market bombs).

- ask

Yeah, you should fix that. :-) because it was still asking me for all the info (which I filled out) and pestering me to Sign In. :-)

A couple good friends from college live in Portland and we had a great time there at their wedding. Powell's is indeed one of the best bookstores in the whole world. I try and use their mail order as much as I can (especially good for used hardcover literature).

I think the Elvis museum is closed now, but that place is a trip...

Yeah, it's pretty freaking awesome up here. I live just down the road from Powell's. It's a frequent 10pm haunt of mine when I don't have better things to do.

I am looking for a copy of THE LISTERDALE MYSTERY
by Agatha Christie. When I get this book I will have all her books. My first choice is hardback.

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