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While we are trying to fit everything into Combust, we've been considering using UML on to make it easier to host sites or projects where Other People needs to be able to login with ssh or do other silly things like that.

I spent most of a weekend tampering with it a while ago and got a Debian system to boot. Yay. Then I setup networking and the kernel on the host box decided to panic. Oops.

So, we are looking for an expert in such matters to help us get setup and preferably also to maintain the UML system. We'd prefer to run RHEL on both the host and the UMLs, but we can be convinced otherwise I think. At least to Fedora.

If you have experience with UserModeLinux and are the expert we are looking for, please send me an email. We can't offer any monetary compensation, but you'll be rewarded plentifully in Good Feelings and Fun Work. :-)

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The question I have is I have a scenario where the clients use windows 2000 and XP. The email client that they are using outlook express. Can I have a linux based email server(which does both POP and SMTP)? What kind of software do I need to buy If I use Linux for Spam and Anti-virus apart from doing the email relay .Please advice

Thank You

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